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Contact: Nina Ignaczak
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Planet Detroit Planet Detroit Planet Detroit Planet Detroit

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Planet Detroit is a weekly email newsletter update to help you get smarter about the environment in Detroit and Michigan.

We do this in the following ways:

Know | We summarize the most important environmental stories from around the city, region and state for you, drawing on independent journalism. As we gain steam, we’ll be adding our own reporting to the mix.

Understand | We offer context, background, and explainers to help you understand the complexity behind the issues.

Report | We occasionally publish original interviews, news, and features.

Connect | Ways for you to engage with Detroit’s environment. It might be a new park, an outing, a group, or a learning opportunity. We’ll suggest some ways for you to get connected with others who are interested and informed. We’ll also be working to create opportunities for Planet Detroit readers to connect IRL.

What’s our manifesto?
We believe the environment is the most important issue of our time, and threats to it, particularly global warming and the climate chaos it is creating, is real.

We believe that independent journalism is the most critical component of our democracy, and that it is only through seeking and exposing the truth that we can overcome the environmental challenges facing us.

To us, independence means we cover issues without bias, with close emphasis on facts, and without a predetermined agenda.

However, this does not mean we don’t think the threats to our environment are real, or that global warming is not happening, or that humans should not address environmental problems.

What it does mean is that we remain agnostic about the solutions we cover. We evaluate them dispassionately, with no agenda and without bias.

Because the environmental issues we face can seem overwhelming and confusing, we are focused on providing background, context and covering solutions (but not advocating for them).

Because environmental issues often disproportionately impact groups, including low-income people and communities of color, we focus on making sure their stories are told.

Also, the environment is beautiful and amazing. We’ll try to take some space to appreciate that.

Who writes Planet Detroit?
Planet Detroit is published and edited by Nina Misuraca Ignaczak. You can find out more about Nina here.

Brian Allnutt contributes writing and humor. Learn more about Brian here.

We are looking for collaborators! Please email us at if you’d like to write, edit, contribute, advise, fundraise, promote, give advice, console, or in any other way help.

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