21075 Harvard Rd.

Contact: Margeaux Bruner-McDonald
Phone: 248-885-4818

Email: geauxquantum@gmail.com

Company Description:

At Quantum Mechanic Services, we are in the property preservation business. We work for realtors, banks, municipalities, organizations and individuals whose objectives include: protecting their investments, selling homes, beautifying the neighborhood. That means that is our goal.

We are there to secure the property, preserve property value and prevent further deterioration in the community.

Curb appeal. This property will be resold by a bank. An inspector will inspect this property. A real estate agent will visit, and a family will call this a home. Gardens will grow, children will play, and memories will be made.

Services offered, but not limited to: vacant lot rejuvenation, landscaping, neighborhood revitalization, board ups, roof tarping, demolition/teardown, property management.




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