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17171 - 23 Mile Road
Macomb, MI 48042

Contact: Anthony Rau
Phone: 586-992-0400
Fax: 586-992-9845

Description of Organization

Rauhorn Electric’s mission is to promote leadership in improving the safety and efficiency of all aspects of public interests.

Additional Information

Energy consumption and environmental sustainability is a key concern our nation is facing. The future of our environment relies solely on the decisions and choices we currently choose. Since 1980, Rauhorn Electric’s mission has continued to promote leadership in improving the safety and efficiency of all aspects of public interests.

Building green goes much beyond Rauhorn Electric’s involvement with the installation of solar and wind farms. There are many other concepts and technologies that are involved in decreasing our dependence on energy. LED lighting, for example, has been growing in popularity, and is being used in many locations. Having a short payback period, LEDs applications are being used in everything from parking lot lighting, traffic lights, to airport lighting. Photocells also help to manage energy consumption so lights only remain on during night hours and low visibility. Intelligent traffic systems are also being employed all over the Metro Detroit area, as well as other regions. These systems not only record historical data but are capable of making decisions per intersection to help the flow of traffic, decreasing wait time and the amount of fuel used. Directional Boring is one of Rauhorn Electric’s many specialties. Directional boring is a method of installing conduits underground with little impact on the surrounding landscape; this is unlike trenching or excavation, which can substantially disrupt a large area of land.

With the rapid development of new and green technologies, Rauhorn Electric has continued to stay a leader in implementing these advances into today’s electrical infrastructure. In the end, this benefits both our client’s investments and the earth’s environment.

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