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Detroit, MI 48202

Contact: Desiree
Phone: 586-255-0389

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Company’s Description

We make everything from an organized patio set to an elaborate plant stand that could be the focal point of your garden.  Bird houses that are natural so the birds love them, and they are a pleasure to look at, each one a piece of art.

All of our furniture make great conversation pieces, changing with each season from flowers to pumpkins and then into evergreen arrangements to complete the season.   They also make great gifts.

We use only trees that are going to be cut down to clear for a house or other establishment.  We do not use anything that is storm damaged or off the ground.

Something natural may not last forever but is good for the environment and is beautiful and fun!  You can extend the life of your creations by spraying to protect from bugs and putting protection under the feet, such as wood or paving stones.

Change your garden and try something new! Rustic furniture makes great gifts, we can also create custom orders.




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