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Phone: 248-446-8211
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Company’s Description

Rockford Chimney Supply offers a huge variety of chimney liner kits, chimney components and heating appliances to help improve energy efficiency and enable greener living. Even small actions can get you on the right path to becoming a green household. By installing one of our stainless steel liners that is optimally sized for the space and purpose, you can reline a damaged flue or correct an existing chimney size to more efficiently handle the exhaust of your furnace, boiler, hot water heater or fireplace. Adding insulation to the liner takes it one step further, and by doing so you not only increase the effectiveness of your appliance, but also help clean and reduce the amount of pollutants entering the air by burning more efficiently. Rockford Chimney Supply offers a lifetime warranty on all liners, and they are designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner to install and save a litte GREEN.

If you desire the ultimate in high-efficiency home heating, you might consider a new fireplace insert or a wood or pellet stove to take advantage of zone heating and reduce your overall energy costs. With zone heating, you dial down the whole-house thermostat while enjoying just the room or rooms you use the most with an alternate heat source. Rockford Chimney Supply offers top-of-the-line Napoleon stoves, inserts or fireplaces to supplement your heating, lower your expenses and go green. Napoleon has perfected wood-burning technology, and their appliances exceed EPA standards, boast the cleanest burn and lowest emissions, and use renewable and biodegradable fuel. Homeowners can utilize the Home Energy Biomass Tax Credit to help offset their costs, which has been extended through 2011 (with modifications).

Many people don’t realize that wood is a green source of heat because it comes from a sustainable source and avoids the use of non-renewable fossil fuels for heat. Whether starting with a small step or making a big change, going green isn’t an all-or-nothing option–any step you take in a green direction is a smart one.

Customer Testimonials

  • We built our insulated liner per the video as described. It was necessary to remove some of the insulation to get it through the chimney flue area. We installed the Napoleon 1101P Insert, it went well. it’s not easy to adjust those back leveling bolts, we found some bricks work well Too! After burning off the “new” smell, we were up & heating well. This Insert is “Awesome” The wood we use now is one third of what we used before. The heat from the side draft is fantastic. After you get this baby up to temp, just pull the air flow down a ways & your ‘e toasty for hours. This is a very efficient quite running insert. Thanks For all you did in helping us D. I. Y. Farmers out. We Love it. Thanks Again, Rockford People, & Dennis especially. Sincerely , L&K D
  • What an exciting experience I had with Rockford Chimney Supply of South Lyon, MI. Thank you for taking the time to answer my many questions in a very knowledgeable way. The 6″x25′ Rockford Chimney Liner kit arrived within 24 hours in perfect condition. I was so impressed with the service I received I felt compelled to write this testimonial. Thank You Bill and Brad. JPP, New York
  • Bill & Brad -We received our Rockflex 6″x20′ chimney liner kit and adapters in just 2 short days, WOW that was fast! We installed everything this weekend. We rented a lift to do the 50 ft. chimney and managed to come through it with no injuries. The components fit excellent and it all went together without a problem. I was a little concerned that the pipe splice might come loose, but it was rock solid. The directions were right on target. It took about 3 hours total, and we enjoyed our first fire that night. What a difference in the amount of heat we are getting with the fireplace insert! We had no problem with smoke leakage anywhere and the chimney draws great. Your advice on the phone before we bought proved true. We figured that, even considering the lift rental, we saved at least $1200 buying the components from you and installing everything ourselves. Warmly, (Ha!), Mike, Mass
  • First and foremost you gave me excellent service I have already received the Rockford Chimney 4″x30′ liner / flue insulation kit and she is ready to go. Thank you so very much. I will recommend you to anyone that I know who is putting in a fireplace, insert, or wood burning stove. Thank you again. John, Colorado
  • Good Morning! The 6″ rigid stove pipe arrived on Wed, the guys fished the pipe through the chimney on Thurs and by the time the turkey was done, the stove was on and the job went as smooth as could be. Thanks so much for the quick process of our order and the good information on how easy it would be to install. Best Regards, The Jewetts, NH, Great service!





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