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1222 25th Street
Detroit, MI 48216

Contact: Robert Auerbach
Phone: 313-407-6343


Rolf Structural Integration (AKA Rolfing) is hands-on bodywork helping people overcome the War with Gravity that can show up as muscular-skeletal pain (low back, neck pain), a forward head posture, rounded shoulders, not being able to take an easy and deep breath, lack of flexibility, etc.

Structural Integration is achieved by lengthening the sheets of connective tissue or fascia that wrap around all our muscles.Injuries, compensation for in juries, how we pattern our bodies at work and even stress shorten different connective tissue wrappings.

This work is delivered to the client in a series of ten sessions where each session builds on the one before, so that the end result are both dramatic and long lasting.


I had ten sessions with Robert and all I can say is’ WOW’ I literally feel like I’ve overcome gravity. I now recommend Rolfing to everyone as a result of my professional and personal experience”
–Dr. James Perkins, D.C., N.D.

“My experience with Structural Integration was GREAT. My alignment improved and my inner knee pain disappeared. –Dr. Sharon Oliver, M.D.





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