Woodward Avenue
Ferndale, MI 22757

Contact: Hayley Roberts
Phone: 866-960-8803 x 714

Email: hayley@suburbsalliance.org
Website: www.regionalenergyoffice.org

Organization Description

Rising energy costs have strained already tight municipal budgets. Energy to operate government buildings, infrastructure and vehicles is a necessity, but its cost can be mitigated by increased efficiency. Reducing energy use and converting to renewable sources also means less reliance on imports and more money that residents can spend locally. It will also lead to a cleaner environment.

Municipal leaders in the region know what can and should be done, but, especially in the smaller cities, they lack the staff and expertise to identify and implement specific initiatives within their cities. Many energy efficiency or renewable energy programs also require significant start-up investments. By pooling recources on a regional scale, local governments can pursue efficiency improvements and renewable energy initiatives cooperatively, sharing both the costs and the benefits.

Organization’s Social Mission

To establish a regional energy office to connect Metropolitan Detroit cities with the tools to pursue efficiency improvements, reduce energy and convert to renewable sources.

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