323 Erie Street, P.O. Box 5015
Port Huron, MI 48061-5015

Contact: Robert Hunckler
Phone: 810-989-5750

Email: rhunckler@sc4.edu
Website: www.sc4.edu/green

Organization’s Mission

St. Clair County Community College provides lifelong educational and enrichment opportunities.

SC4 Vision

St. Clair County Community College strives to be a leader in our community’s renaissance by establishing dynamic partnerships and focused programs that are the top choice for students.

Green Initiative

Green roofs

  • St. Clair County Community College was the first community college in the state to use the technology
  • Green roofs are installed atop portions of five campus buildings
  • College faculty teach students about vegetation and construction methods applied to the roof

Solar panels, wind turbine

  • Solar panels are atop two buildings
  • A wind turbine spins outside the Acheson Technology Center
  • Alternative energy program students train on the technology before they enter the working world
  • The technology helps power a computer lab, charge the college’s electric car, heat hot water in the Acheson Technology Center and offset electricity used by parking lot bench lighting

Electric car

  • The Chrysler GEM e4 electric car is used by the college’s Campus Patrol officers
  • It is recharged daily by the college’s solar panels and wind turbine

Green retaining wall

  • About 60% of the retaining wall next to the Clara E. Mackenzie Building is now “green”
  • It offers a combination of bricks and live materials
  • Live plant material reduces water runoff, filters pollutants and adds natural vegetation to campus

Sustainable parking lots

  • The College Center and A.J. Theisen Building/Main Building parking lots feature rain gardens and bioswales to soak up and clean rainwater before it enters nearby water sources.

Geothermal heating system

  • The North Building features a geothermal heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.
  • Water is pumped through pipes under the College Center parking lot, where it is naturally heated and cooled by the earth. Water is piped back to help heat and cool the North Building.

Alternative energy associate degrees

  • SC4 offers alternative energy associate degrees in:
    • Architectural design/green building
    • Facility and energy management
    • Renewable and alternative energy technology

Green Team

  • The SC4 Green Team includes faculty, staff and students working together to develop new environmental ideas for campus



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