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Contact: Thomas W. Tull
Phone: 248-569-2539


Company Description

TC Green Media is dedicated to promoting businesses through “green” marketing and advertising venues. Why contribute to the billions of pieces of junk mail send annually? Convert your marketing efforts to green alternatives such as mobile marketing, digital signage advertising and internet/social media marketing.

 Mobile SMS texting solutions to build customer loyalty, provide valuable tips & information, or send appointment reminders. Flexible client database, “Opt-in” widget, upload client information and multiple keywords are some of the great features of this green solution.

Digital signage advertising – (DOOH – Digital Out of Home) Building brand recognition through a network of digital screens strategically placed inside locations with high foot traffic.  We utilize our skilled designers to create attention grabbing, eco-friendly, interesting and entertaining digital advertisements. Go green and promote your business through this economical advertising solution.

Internet/Social Media Marketing – We help businesses gain a presence in the social media realm. Primarily focused on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, our services include everything from building and executing social media marketing campaigns. We work with all social media platforms. Additionally, we provide web design and hosting, graphic design, custom Facebook fan pages, Landing page generation and hosting, and website SEO optimization. All businesses need a presence in this “green” venue. We grow your business one “Like” at a time.

Green Initiatives

Everything we do is “green”.  Saving paper, saving our trees and increasing advertising value.

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