1598 East Lincoln
Madison Heights, MI 48071

Contact: Joseph Zago
Phone: 800-375-7847

Email: mycarpetguys@gmail.com
Website: http://www.carpetguysonline.com

Joe Zago, owner and founder of THE CARPET GUYS, LLC., spent
nearly his entire adult life working in the carpet and flooring industry
for some of the biggest and best names in the entire business.
Along the way, he has learned a key principle that he continues to
practice to this day… Your customers don’t care how much you
know, until they know how much you care! With that in mind,
Joe set out to do something not many people do, not to just do
the job… but to do the job right.

With most of the big box stores and small carpet shops cutting corners to make a buck in a struggling economy, Joe knew it was a great time to give people what they really wanted: confidence and peace of mind. THE CARPET GUYS, LLC. gives customers absolute confidence in their investment.

THE CARPET GUYS go above and beyond what any other local company does for its clients.
THE CARPET GUYS go to the consumer’s home. This way the customer can see exactly how their new carpet or flooring will look in their own home, next to their own furniture and under the lighting that will illuminate their new flooring for years to come.
THE CARPET GUYS carry a wide variety of medium to high end products that have extensive wear warranties and are durable as well as at the leading edge of what is hot in fashion and design. We even offer the new green earth-friendly carpets made of recycled materials to help protect our environment. If that is not enough to put us at the front of the pack, THE CARPET GUYS use only the best craftsmen in the industry to carry out all of our installation work. These highly skilled tradesmen are so good at what they do that THE CARPET GUYS guarantee the quality of their workmanship for the lifespan of the customer’s ownership of that particular home.
Most companies do not warranty the installer’s labor. Some larger competitor’s only guarantee the contractor’s work, but most are short-term warranties of 30 to 90 days. A very few companies offer an optional 1-year warranty or an extended service plan costing roughly 20% of the item’s original purchase price. With THE CARPET GUYS famous lifetime installation warranty, customers know that they are going to get the job done right the first time. And best of all, THE CARPET GUYS famous LIFETIME INSTALLATION WARRANTY comes FREE with most orders. Our goals from the beginning have been to provide quality customer satisfaction, convenience, promptness, availability, competitive pricing and warranty. We believe we are on point, not to mention that most jobs can be installed the next day, following the initial consultation.

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