2449 W. Grand Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48208

Contact: Lynda Sullivan
Phone: 313-285-7809

Email: dreamfactorydetroit@gmail.com
Website: www.dreamfactorydetroit.webs.com

Organization’s Description

The Dream Factory is a community and arts center whose mission is to become a provider of exciting cutting edge art and healthy living practices for members of its community and the surrounding areas. The Dream Factory is dedicated to building long term relationships with customers through quality training in the community programs and through community education.

The Dream Factory community and art center that is housed in the New Center area in a brick home that is being converted to an interactive experience that is geared toward serving the artistic community as well as the residents of the Metro Detroit area. The space will be filled with art from a variety of artists from the local and regional areas, . There will be space for artists to come and be creative, writers to express their thoughts and place for musicians to come and play.

The Dream Factory, is working to expand the knowledge of gardening techniques for the urban area both indoors and out that will be shared with the community and they are encouraged to participate in the many workshops that are being scheduled. There are programs that are designed to encourage and educate the young people in the community with the art and gardening programs; and with The Dream’s Factory’s belief in Recycle, Reuse and Reinvent, a growing green environment is being developed. The materials used in the rehabilitation are combined with upcycling material that has been repurposed to give the gallery an eclectic and creative feel, with space for yoga and meditation, creation of a peaceful place for the inner self to expand is created. The Dream Factory is a small business designed to meet the needs of the ever changing social world that is working to artistically and creatively involve the community in rethinking how we live and grow.

*History of the Company*

Founded originally on a part-time  basis, we worked with artists that were incarcerated. As time progressed additional services were added to supplement the art that was being sold, the company expanded into graphic work and also small event planning and catering. The Dream Factory’s staff of two, along with numerous contract vendors and community organizations, have worked together over the years to develop and create positive creative spaces for individuals to create in.



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