21 Millington
Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069

Contact: Janet Eggen
Phone: 248-417-3392

Email: Health@JanetEggen.com
Website: www.JanetEggen.com

Company’s Description

Janet Eggen is a Raw Food Nutritionist, and owner of “To Your Good Health.” She offers workshops/classes and individual counseling which can include any of the following; how to eat a healthier cooked diet, introducing raw food to your diet, weight loss, health concerns and much more.

She currently works with families and individuals who want to improve their overall health through nutrition.  She can address issues of fatigue, low energy, weight loss, auto-immune disorders, high blood sugar, and much more.  She has also had success working with kids who are struggling with ADHD and behavior issues.

To Your Good Health, through Janet, offers a full assessment of your health needs, a recommended course of action which might include one or more of the following, supplements, detox, cleansing, diet, cooking techniques, food preparation, shopping strategies, getting your kids to eat healthier, and more.

She will develop a written individualized plan for you or your family. Janet  Eggan will come to your home or a mutually agreed upon location.

Whether there are specific health concerns, a desire for a healthier cooked diet, interest in a raw diet, or just general questions for a healthier lifestyle, Janet can help improve the quality of life for people of all ages.


Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing

Kale Salad





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