Contact: Gino Rea
Phone: 248-242-1709


Tool-X® is a nanotechnology additive that works in both cutting oil and water-based metalworking fluids. The physical properties of the carbon nanoparticles enhance both cutting tool and metalworking fluid performance:

  • The nanoparticles lubricate (reduce friction) between the blade and the chips
  • The nanoparticles conduct heat away from the cutting edge of the tool
  • The nanoparticles remove build-up on the contact surfaces like a nanoscale polish
  • The nanoparticles strain harden / shot peen the metal surfaces of the tool
  • The nanoparticles, being inert, withstand high temperatures and don’t break down

Tool-X provides tangible benefits to machine tool operators:

  • Tool-X allows machines to work at faster feeds and speeds.
  • Tool-X improves accuracy and precision and surface finish.
  • Tool-X extends tool life and reduces overall machining costs.

Tool-X has been validated by many of the country’s largest manufacturers and has allowed them to reduce their machining costs by as much as 25%.

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