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Thanks to Tower Garden, growing healthy, fresh produce at home has never been easier or more sustainable.

Tim Blank plants the seed for a better way to grow

It took Tim Blank over 5 years of technology, passion, vision to develop Tower Garden. As Greenhouse Manager for Epcot’s cutting-edge agricultural display until 2005, Tim left and founded Future Growing with the vision that someday access to healthy food in their own home and local community would be available for everybody on the planet. When Juice Plus+ learned about Tower Garden, they knew it would be the perfect way to further the goal of promoting healthy nutrition for you and your family. In 2011, they purchased the rights to produce and distribute Tower Gardens for home use from Tim Blank and his company.

How to Harvest Your Tower Garden

Pick Perfect Produce While tomatoes, squash, peppers and other fruit-bearing plants may taste quite different, a few harvesting best practices apply to all. Do the following to improve your chances of record yields:

  • Harvest frequently to promote continued flowering and production.
  • When harvesting, use a clean knife or shears to avoid injuring the plant.

Gather Gorgeous Greens Most greens—such as lettuce, kale, collards and others—allow for 2 harvesting methods:
1. Whole head. Remove the entire plant and net pot from your Tower Garden, or cut all the leaves off at the base of the plant.

2. Individual leaf. This technique keeps the plant alive and encourages continued production. When there are plenty of mature leaves present:

  • Harvest only a few leaves at a time, from the bottom of the plant upward.
  • Allow 2–3 leaves to remain so the plant may keep growing.
  • Repeat every 2–3 days until the plant bolts, or begins flowering.
  • After bolting, replace the plant with a fresh seedling.

Want instructions for harvesting herbs and saving seeds?
Click Here for More Tips »

A favorite herb of beginner and experienced gardeners alike, basil is easy to grow and useful in the kitchen. Beyond its culinary applications, basil has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular and other medicinal effects.
Basil struggles in cooler weather, so we recommend waiting to grow it until nighttime temperatures are consistently above 50 º.
Download the Basil Growing Guide (PDF) »

Garden Inside with Grow Lights
Live in an area with extreme weather or lack of sunlight? With our T5 fluorescent Grow Light Kit, you can grow greens, herbs and more year-round indoors.
Learn more about the Grow Light Kit »

Inspiration in the Kitchen
Now that you’ve harvested Tower Garden produce, you may be wondering what to do with it. We have the answer! Our Tower-to-Table Cookbook features several delicious dishes—including savory stews, simple salads and just about everything in between—shared by Tower Gardeners like you.
Download the Tower-to-Table Cookbook (PDF) »

Cool as a Cucumber
Cucumbers are an iconic warm weather crop. Consisting mostly of water—but chock-full of vitamins A, B and C—a fresh cucumber provides cool, nutritious refreshment on a hot afternoon. Like other summer vine crops, cukes are heavy feeders and require full sun.
Download the Cucumber Growing Guide (PDF) »

Protect Plants from Extreme Weather
Keep your plants safe from heat stress, light frosts and other extreme conditions with the Weather Protection Blanket. It’s lightweight, UV-resistant and easy to use (just drape it over your plants).
Learn more about the Weather Protection Blanket »




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