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Dana Bldg
440 Church St, 4520
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Contact: Don Scavia
Phone: 734-615-8230

Email: graham-institute@umich.edu
Website: http://graham.umich.edu

Organization’s Social Mission

The Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute helps to advance progress toward environmental sustainability by developing and supporting interdisciplinary RESEARCH, EDUCATION, and OUTREACH initiatives at the University of Michigan. For instance, in the research arena, our Integrated Assessment Program helps give participating organizations and stakeholder groups the broad-based information they need to tackle challenging sustainability issues in their communities. Our educational programs provide students with the academic coursework and experiences they need to become future environmental sustainability leaders. And our outreach activities, such as our annual conference, help to engage, inform, and inspire participants about this critical subject matter. Please visit our website for news and events related to sustainability.

Green Initiatives

Additional information will be provided in this section.

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