252 Carriage Way
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Contact: Laurence Krieg
Phone: 734-347-2179

Email: info@WakeUpWashtenaw.org
Website: www.wakeupwashtenaw.org

Organization’s Vision

We seek to bring together people and enterprises to …

  • Develop communities that are attractive,
  • Use the most environmentally friendly technologies,
  • Provide meaningful alternatives to automobile transportation,
  • Offer a range of housing options,
  • Let residents walk to shops, schools, transit, worship, and entertainment,
  • and make a profit doing it.

Organization’s Description

A citizen organization with a vision and a plan for sustainable, transit-oriented development in Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Climate change. High cost of energy. Growing congestion. Michigan’s plummeting economy.

How can we solve all these problems?  The answer lies in taking world-class methods and applying them with American ingenuity and know-how. The place to start? Right here in Washtenaw County.

There are many groups working on these problems: climate, energy, congestion, the economy. What we need is to get all these groups working together.

The key to all these problems is to build sustainable, transit-oriented communities. Sustainability requires minimum dependence on outside resources, including food, energy, and waste management. We have the technology to build sustainable communities; what we have lacked is the collective will to do it. We are now coming to realize the need for sustainability, and with that realization comes a growing will to act. There is a realization that we have become dependent on food grown thousands of miles from us, and low-cost transportation can no longer be expected. We all know that heating and cooling costs are spiraling out of control, and we need to find alternatives to fossil fuels if we want to continue to live comfortably.

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