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2100 Woodward Heights
Ferndale, MI 48220

Contact: Renee Rathsburg
Phone: 248-658-5900

Email: renee.rathsburg@hazelpark.k12.mi.us

Company’s Description

Webb Elementary in Hazel Park is a 3 year member of the Michigan Green Schools Program. Through the efforts of our Student Council we have earned an EVERGREEN level each year. We are proud to fly our Green School Flag and do our part to keep our school “GREEN”!

Webb Elementary School “Green” Initiatives

  • Each classroom has a recycling bin and every Thursday the Special Education students collect and sort the recycled paper items.
  • Rcycles plastic bottles daily in the lunch room as well as during the weekly recycling program.
  • Recycles metal cans daily which are picked up during a weekly recycling program.
  • Webb School participates in a Hazel Park district wide printer cartridge recycling program by sending the used cartridges to a designated person at Hazel Park High School.  The district person then recycles them with “empties 4 cash” that offers a monetary refund based on the type of cartridge.
  • Magazines are used for pictures and print for art projects or for display boards.
  • Recycles cardboard boxes on a daily basis and the cardboard is used at art mats.
  • Slightly used clothing is donated to the Webb Clothes Closet and given to the students as needs arise.  Fabric is donated yearly to the Hazel Park High School Child Care Class to help with projects.
  • Boxes are available for recycling CD/DVDs.  The school newsletter advertizes this program to encourage families to help with our recycling efforts.  The recycled CD/DVDs are used for art projects.
  • Recycles glass daily and is picked up during a weekly recycling program.
  • During a summer program, our Special Education classes plant and care for a vegetable garden.  They have a compost pile that is used to fertilize their garden.
  • Hazel Park has a policy in place to buy “GREEN” items whenever they can.  At this time we purchase recycled garbage bags, lunch containers and many paper products.
  • At Webb, our energy efficient technology is in place and programmed to turn off heat, air, lights and computers at a certain time of day or after a given time of inactivity.
  • There are many energy saving plans in use at Webb.  Some examples are; dialing temperatures to 68 degrees, closing blinds and drapes at night, turning off computers when not in use, turning off power strips at night, energy efficient ballast lights have been installed in hallways, the classroom lights were replaced with 2-28 lamps.
  • Students were provided with a booklet titled, “Home Energy Savings” and asked to illustrate things they do in their homes to improve their energy use.
  • Webb is sponsoring an interactive show and tell program called, SooperYooper: Environmental Defender.  This program shares information on the health and protection of the Great Lakes from invasive species.
  • In the spring, Webb’s Camp Committee sponsors a birdhouse habitat project.  The students make birdhouses which are distributed for use throughout the community and in the courtyards at Webb.
  • 5th Grade students are writing to Ferndale City Council about banning the use of plastic bags in the city of Ferndale.  Based on student research, too many animals are injured and the overall trash has increased greatly.
  • Webb’s Student Council adopted a Gray Wolf from the Defenders of Wildlife.  Pictures and information are posted on the Student Council bulletin board and display case in the office hallway.  We publicized this adoption in our school newsletter.
  • In the spring, Webb’s Camp Committee sponsors a speaker from Oakland County Parks and Recreation who does a presentation on endangered animals.
  • Webb’s Student Council does recycling in the school and takes the aluminum tabs to the recycling facility.
  • Each class at Webb observes Earth Day in some manner.  Some activities are as follows; make litter bags for the family car, make ecology books and posters, field trip to the Nature Center, musical program with an Earth Day theme, crafts from recycled items.
  • Webb’s Student Council sponsors a poster contest to support ecological concerns and display them on the office hall bulletin board in conjunction with Earth Day.  Each class has a winner and is given a gift certificate to the Student Council School Store.
  • Webb’s Student Council has purchased books on environmental issues using proceeds from their drink pouch recycling program.
  • Webb’s 5th grade students visit the website, www.therainforest.com and each time they visit it, 11.4 square feet of the Rainforest is saved.  The students’ efforts are tabulated on calendars.
  • Webb’s Student Council collects aluminum can tabs and recycles them at Royal Oak Recycling for money.  They donate that money to the Ronald McDonald House of Mid Michigan.
  • Webb’s Student Council collects empty drink pouches and recycles them with the Terra-Cycle Company.  The Student Council earns 2 cents for each recycled pouch.  The money earned was spent on purchasing books on environmental issues for the Media Center.

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