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719 Griswold St.
Detroit, MI 48226

Contact: Amanda Enriquez
Phone: 866-967-4533
Fax: 888-676-6708

Woodward Energy Solutions

Company’s Description

Woodward Energy Solutions provides turnkey LED lighting solutions for industrial, commercial, non-profit, and government facilities. Our services include complimentary lighting audits, project financial analysis, lighting design and optimization, utility and government incentives assistance, tax impact consultation, and comprehensive installation and disposal through a network of licensed electricians across the United States.

The LED lighting solutions we install provide our clients with the best in LED lighting and with partnerships across an assorted set of LED manufacturers, we have the capacity to meet the needs of any facility. This commitment to individualized lighting combined with our team’s varied skillset have allowed Woodward Energy Solutions to successfully streamline upgrading facility lighting and in the process deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars in future savings to our diverse set of clients.



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