208880 Southfirled Rd., Suite #183
Lathrop Village, MI 48076

Contact: Jamel Randall
Phone: 248-914-4020

Email: bookings@jamelrandall.com
Website: www.jamelrandall.com


A seasoned massage therapist and yoga teacher Jamel Randall, has over 10 years of experience working with clients in Metro Detroit and across the country.

His mission is to guide clients to a healthier and stress-free lifestyle by teaching them to let go of unhealthy habits and allow their bodies to function as nature intended.

His belief in a lifestyle of healthy living is grounded in creating a balance inside the body that organically integrates the mind, body and soul equally.

He provide custom experiences to his clients that are physically lasting, educational, and inspirational. Each treatment is designed with the belief that the process should be just as rewarding as the result because he loves what he does.


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