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The GLREA presents


Mission & Vision

To promote environmentally friendly choices and practices to the community by showcasing sustainable businesses, technologies, and organizations that empower us to be better stewards of the Earth.

To engage in ongoing dialogue, inquiry, and discovery of more sustainable practices through educational forums, exhibits, and networking.

Empower citizens with awareness in sustainability issues and a capacity to contribute to the direction of sustainable lifestyles.

Integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of personal and business planning, focusing both on the current and future implications.

Design, build and operate environments that minimizes its ecological footprint, contributing to the goal of climate neutrality.

Create new paradigms for energy, transportation, water, waste and food systems that contribute to best practices.

Participate in research initiatives and outreach activities that educate our communities, nourish our natural ecosystems, and enrich our cultural experiences.

Embrace right livelihoods that promote health, diversity, and tolerance as principles by which policy and process are designed.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the earth’s natural and personal resources without compromising quality of life. Practitioners of sustainable living often attempt to reduce their own carbon footprint by altering methods of transportation, energy consumption, diet and work habits.

Sustainability is the ability to endure. Future generations can live, work and meet their needs, ONLY if our current generation acts responsibly, conscious of all we do and the effects of all we do. Sustainability crosses all areas of life, from the natural environment to urban planning, to health care, economics, transportation, energy, agriculture, water and more.

It is generally recognized that sustainable enterprise in all of its many aspects will be a major component of future economic development in Michigan, the region, and around the globe. Much of the world is now in the early stages of a historic transition. A transition from economies that accommodate waste and inefficiency and depend too much on fossil fuels …to systems that are much more conserving, efficient and sustainable.

The Sustainability Summit recognizes unprecedented opportunities and encourages investment and development in the green sector. We highlight Energy, Water, Lifestyle, Business and Workforce.

It’s clear that sustainability is no longer an optional add-on for business. In the commercial world of 3 and 5 year plans, adapting to climate change is now an imperative. Companies need to know that their supply chain is both secure and sustainable. Shareholders and customers are increasingly demanding to know that their products are coming from sustainable sources. Market advantage will flow to those companies which can prove this.

The purpose of the Sustainability Living Summit is to create a forum where business leaders, innovators, government agencies, and non-profits can examine both the commercial opportunities in the emerging green economy as well as the challenges in achieving sustainability goals. Our aim is to create an annual event which will chart how industry is progressing and how Michigan can secure a competitive advantage.


Program Format

The SLS 2016 will follow a TED-X type format; A series of nine ‘forums’ with 4-5 speakers in each forum and a moderator that will address the following topics below. The moderator of each forum will introduce the topic and each speaker, allowing each speaker 8-12 minutes to introduce themselves; their mission, product, service or policy position. Once the introductions are complete the moderator will ask the group a series of questions to stimulate a discussion that will be open to the audience. Each forum will be video recorded for future broadcast. Forums will include;

• Renewable Energy

• Energy Efficiency

• Alternative Transportation

• Sustainable & Local Agriculture

• Green Building

• Natural Health

• Environmental & Social Responsibility

• Sustainable Economic Development

• Sustainable Communities

• Press Conference to announce breakthrough technology

We are now calling for moderators, presentations, and sponsors. Please respond before March 30, 2016. For more information on how you or your organization can participate please contact;

Ms. Mary McGraw
Michigan Energy Fair

Mr. Douglas Elbinger
Sustainable Living Summit




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