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Rochester Hills, MI

Contact: John Pugno, Management
Phone: 248-520-1788


Company Description

Our commitment at Cornerstone Industrial, Inc. is to deliver the highest level of project execution and follow through with the aim of liquidating your undesired assets safely and timely.

Cornerstone Industrial is a dedicated team of recycling specialists with decades of experience in all aspects of demolition and industrial asset management.

President & CEO, Ron Carnwath, counts on 25 years of construction and demolition experience making him a leader in the industry. Ron’s experience combined with strong partnerships give Cornerstone Industrial a competitive advantage in interior industrial demolition.

At the core of what we do is the ability to quickly and effectively liquidate all manner of industrial assets. We service businesses that are looking to transition as fast as possible and demolish interiors from small warehouses and offices to large-scale manufacturing facilities.


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Most are well aware of recycling, especially aluminium cans and plastic bottles. What most may not realize is that steel represents 67% of all recycled material.

We recycle everything from wires and electronic components to steel girders. We are proud of what we recycle as without this essential component of the business cycle our world would face more environmental issues than exist today.

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” This is the essence of repurposing.

While liquidating assets, many items that are not usable can be repurposed in renovation and new construction projects.

Our aim is to find a use for as many of the assets before sending them to be recycled.

It is in everyone’s best interest that the assets that are in good working order be resold.

We are committed to reselling as many assets as possible. We achieve this through a dedicated sales team and our eBay site.

We are always looking for companies and individuals who are interested in buying and selling used industrial equipment. Please contact us if interested.






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