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2277 E 11 Mile Rd. Suite 1
Warren, MI 48092

Contact: Tom Bowes
Phone: 586-751-6600


Organization’s Social Mission

The Detroit JATC-Electrical Industry Training Center is solely focused on producing the most experienced, skilled and productive Electricians in the world.

Our facility is privately funded through a partnership between the National Electrical Contractors Association of Southeastern Michigan and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 58.

We provide Apprenticeship and Continuing Education for Electrical Contractors and Journeymen Electricians.

Our Vision

We believe that Technical Instruction combined with Work Ethic and Productivity Standards produces a more successful individual and therefore, a more successful Electrical Industry.

We’ve been educating the best Electricians and Contractors in the World for over 100 years right here in Southeastern Michigan.   Our instructors are world class and many are recognized nationally as leaders in their field.

Our Facility

Our 50,000 square foot facility contains both a PV Array and a Wind Turbine.  These systems are primarily used as a training tool, so the two power sources were designed to supply power differently.  The PV array is utility-interactive while the wind tubine is stand-alone and includes a battery bank.

These systems demonstrate that renewable energy technologies, especially solar, are feasible in areas that are not traditionally associated with high solar resources.  While the system cannot provide for the building’s total energy needs, even a modest contribution is important to reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Our Cirriculum

We offer Apprenticeship programs in three areas:

  • Inside Wiremen (Constructions Electricians)
  • Sound & Communications Installer/Technician
  • Residential

Apprenticeship programs range from 3 to 5 years and are an “Earn While You Learn” experience combining 8,000 hours in the field with 1,000 in the classroom.

Classroom cirriculum includes hands-on lab classes with equipment such as: Fire Alarm Systems, Advanced Control Systems, Instrumentation Training, Closed Circuit Television, Welding, Conduit Bending and Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine System Design, Installation and Maintenance.

Through our Inside Wireman program, individuals will learn to Install, Troubleshoot and repair Electrical Systems, Receptacles, Lighting Fixtures, Instrumentaion and Process Control Systems (Energy Management Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems), Lighting Protection Systems, Traffic Control systems, Outdoor Lighting Systems and Solar/Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine Systems.

Additionally, individuals in our Sound & Communications program learn to install, Terminate and Test Wires and Cables (Cooper and Fiber-Optic); Install, Test, Certify and Troubleshoot Local Area Network (LAN) Cabling Systems and provide testing, analysis and repair of Voice, Data, Video Systems; including Electronic Devices such as Bridges, Routers, Hubs, Switches, NIC Cards, Telephone Switches, etc.

Sound & Communication Installer/Technicians also learn to Prefabricate and Install Telep-communications Racks; Install, Test and Certify Low Voltage Systems such as Sound, Entertainment, Communications, Security, Card Access, Energy Managment, Life Safety and Environmental.

Continuing Eduction courses are offered to Journeymen Electricians and Contractors throughout the year in areas like: Instrumentation Training, Photovoltaic & Wind Energy, Energy Efficiency and Auditing, Advanced Control Systems and Code Update Testing.

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