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Lansing, MI 48913

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Organization’s Description

For any company already in Michigan or considering a location in the state, the Michigan Economic Development CorporationSM (MEDC) offers one-stop business assistance. Our business development managers work with consultants, utilities, associations and local economic development agencies to best match businesses’ needs with Michigan’s opportunities. From attractive financing through our $2 billion 21st Century Jobs Fund to significant and long-term tax abatements, few places can offer a more attractive financial package. The MEDC is also the channel for continuous improvement of the state’s business climate.

Alternative Energy In Michigan

In Michigan, green is the new gold. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is leading the charge in the development of new markets for alternative energy in Michigan and beyond. We are aligning scientists, universities, policy makers, industry players, the natural resource management community and our engineering talent around the goal of creating the next generation of power provision for businesses, consumers and vehicles through alternative energy.

The MEDC is also looking at creative incentive packages custom tailored to create the right environment and bring together the right players to advance the way the world is powered.

Michigan is focusing on the development of state and nationwide markets for such alternative energy sources as:

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to diversify your base of production or a company with a current or potential patent on the next iteration of alternative energy technology, Michigan is ready to give you the Upper Hand.



Michigan’s Bioenergy Facilities

Michigan’s Bioenergy Sector

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