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1274 Library Street, Suite 600
Detroit, MI 48226

Contact: Parjana Distribution, LLC
Phone: 855-727-5262


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The problem of standing water and increased stormwaterCover_Final runoff is created from global urbanization causing exponential growth in infrastructure. Urbanization results in less natural groundcover and reduces the area in which water is available to infiltrate. This compounds the problem of water collecting faster than it can infiltrate into the earth. Since the water has no other place to go, it pools on the surface or runs into the nearest body of water (creek, stream, river, lake, etc.) Standing water creates unusable land and excess stormwater running into any body of water disrupts the ecosystem.


The EGRP® increases infiltration and equalizes soil moisture by establishing a connection between the surface and soil environment. The EGRP® itself facilitates the movement of water from the surface by providing a path for water molecules to move vertically along the EGRP®. These water molecules are then attracted to nearby soil particles and distributed horizontally. As a system the EGRP® works on moving water molecules from areas of higher water concentration to those of lower water concentration within the soil, thereby allowing the system to improve (or stabilize) both wet and dry soil conditions. An EGRP® is a 1 1/4″ diameter tube with 5 open chambers, varying in lengths of 5, 10, 20 and 40 feet. Each EGRP® is installed vertically into the ground with a cap 2 feet below ground.

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