10th Annual Manufacturing In America Scores High At Ford Field

Manufacturing In America 2016

The 10th Manufacturing in America event showcased the ongoing increase in interest and expansion of sustainable business in the Detroit area on March 23 & 24th. Siemens and Electro-Matic have held the event at Ford Field for the past four years. With ongoing presentations, the two-day event included nearly 2,500 attendees, high-caliber speakers, and the latest technology, and organizations on hand to help companies, managers and executives learn how to finance and benefit from the implementation of the showcased upgrades.

The show has changed over the years, from its 200 attendees to over 2,400 for the past 2 years. Electro-Matic’s strong partnership with Siemens allows for the huge community recognition for the event, with next year promising the evolution toward the focus on energy efficiency and sustainability programs for the second day. This event is attracting leading energy companies like DTE and Consumers Energy along with other larger sponsors to further expand it’s innovative mission.More