AI: Balancing Innovation with Consumer Protection

create-next-logo-ossian-law-p-c-logo-design-99designs_23183845~2b2e20abe9af2bdfb68752b37dd65f84808fdbb2_largecropArtificial intelligence, or AI, is broadly defined as a computerized system that can either think or act like a rational human. Examples of AI in action include’s personal assistant “Echo” and Uber’s autonomous cars. While the genesis of AI goes back over 70 years, recent technological advances and thousands of new and potential applications have brought AI to the forefront.

The goal of encouraging innovations in AI must be balanced with privacy concerns about what data is collected and how it may be used. During machine learning (one form of AI), the lack of human interaction may result in data subjects not receiving any disclosures about specific use, or even the very collection, of that data.More