#DetroitRising Expands It’s Awareness For The Community Listing Statements and BIO’s Of It’s Speakers 



On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, #DetroitRising and Microsoft are hosting an initial one-day summit to discuss and brainstorm solutions to some of the most pressing challenges confronting Detroit neighborhoods.

The agenda is based on the Rockefeller Foundation’s and ARUP’s “City Resilience Framework” and “Social Innovation Lab Guide,” which use a whole system approach for guiding social innovation in cities. Our primary goal is to identify the next steps for Detroit’s communities and obtain commitments from individuals and groups to ensure those next steps are taken.

#DetroitRising will bring leaders and decision-makers from all sectors of society together to transform Detroit into a resilient city to discuss some of the current challenges facing Detroit communities and brainstorm innovative solutions. We believe this transformation needs to begin in our neighborhoods. We are inviting you to join a community discussion to recognize the important work already being done in Detroit’s communities, as well as identify work that still needs to take place. We hope to generate practical solutions to accelerate social innovation, equity, and empowerment within our neighborhoods. More