MI Senate Passes Energy Policy Bills in Lame Duck

MEECA_Entire_ColorThe state Senate passed Senate Bills 437 & 438 on Thursday 11/10/16 during the first day of the lame duck session.  As reported in our October Newsletter, MEECA’s lobbying efforts helped to move the original proposal from eliminating the energy optimization programs to now include the following requirements:

  • 35% of electrical generation to come from a combination of energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2025 (up from current 1% energy efficiency and 10% renewable requirement that has already been achieved)
  • 15% of electrical generation to come from renewable energy through 2021
  • Financial incentives spending caps at the lower of 20% of net cost reduction for customer (current 25%) or 25% of program spending (current 15%)
  • Creation of new Integrated Resource Plan process requiring utilities to submit multi-year generation and energy efficiency plans to the Michigan Public Service Commission.