Extraordinary Ventures Michigan Grand Opening: Opens Doors for Individuals with Unique Abilities

ev-logoOxford, Mich. – Nov. 5, 2016- Extraordinary Ventures Michigan is hosting their Grand Opening Celebration on November 12, 2016 at 12:00pm.  The event will run until 4:00pm and will feature a variety of activities, raffles, and prizes for event tickets!  Festivities will take place at the Legacy Center (EVM, SUITE 165), which is located at 925 N. Lapeer rd. Oxford, MI 48372.

Extraordinary Ventures Michigan specializes in employing differently abled adults.  EVM is an unprecedented collaboration between Oakland University, Autism Alliance of Michigan and Judson Center.  EVM aims to bridge the gap between post high school programs and access to meaningful and gainful employment opportunities.  Extraordinary Ventures seeks out niche employment opportunities that foster supported, yet independent work, in a least restrictive environment.  Goals include increasing employability skills as well as individuals’ quality of life; by earning a competitive wage within their community. More