Michigan Out-of-doors Open For Fall Fun

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Some DNR facilities, including customer service centers, remain closed

As the weather cools and foliage warms to vibrant yellows and reds, there’s plenty to do in Michigan’s great outdoors. From hiking and biking the more than 13,000 miles of picturesque trails spanning both peninsulas to taking fall color tours or camping adventures at state parks, Michigan is open for fall fun.

At the beginning of the coronavirus emergency, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources closed or limited access to many sites and facilities to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and safety of customers, volunteers and staff. Some of those places remain closed, some are open only by appointment, and other activities and locations are fully available to the public. The DNR will continue to evaluate sites and facilities on a case-by-case basis and change open/closed/limited status as needed.