Ferndale Library Kicks Off Summertime Open Mic Nights for Teens, June 28

Ferndale’s Youth Services Librarians are excited to start up a new Open Mic program for teens. Three summertime events will be hosted by Detroit-based veteran spoken word artist Natasha ‘Beautiful Thought’ Anée, starting June 28. Anée will be bringing teens who want to explore their creative sides and express themselves into the Ferndale Library on Friday evenings for an intimate experience where they’ll be encouraged to share their talents. The program is open to ages 13-20, and no registration is required. Future events will be hosted on July 26 and August 23.

Teens can benefit from an opportunity to let their guard down and interact with their peers in an encouraging, safe space where they can (creatively) blow off some steam. Being able to share their passion and talents through the craft of music, poetry, and spoken-word can build their self-confidence. Plus, a University of Virginia study has shown that children and teens who are allowed to verbally express themselves were less likely or prone to using drugs and alcohol. Creatively expressing themselves can also advance conversations or address subjects that they might not otherwise know how to approach. It also provides catharsis, and an opportunity to process their emotions.

Natasha ‘Beautiful Thought’ Anée is a poet, producer, and host of “The Peaceful Poetic Place,” as well as a member of the “Paul Dean & Beautiful Thought Collective.” She recently released a CD, Spoken Soul I: Perfect Imperfections, and has worked with NSO Youth Initiative Project providing youth leadership and focusing on preventing violence and substance abuse. One of the many passions of this multifaceted artist is helping teens find strength through finding their own voice. Since 1997, she has been actively using social work and community resources to empower children and families in the Detroit area.
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