State Treasurer Approves Changes to Flint Governance Structure

state of michigan sealFollowing recommendation from RTAB

State Treasurer Nick Khouri today, signed off on amendments to two existing emergency manager orders that will provide additional authority to the city’s mayor, following a recommendation approved by members of the city’s receivership transition advisory board (RTAB) today.

Effective immediately, the mayor has authority to appoint the city administrator and all department heads, including the police and fire chiefs, who will serve at the pleasure of the mayor. The city administrator will now serve as the city’s chief administrative officer, pursuant to the city’s charter.

Flint began the transition to local control in April, when Gov. Snyder accepted former emergency manager Jerry Ambrose’s recommendation that the city’s financial emergency had been sufficiently addressed and appointed the RTAB. Today’s action further continues the process of transitioning to full, local control.