Known Automotive Inventor Finds Connection With Flint Water Solution

GreeningDetroit.comSOUTHFIELD, Mich. — A local entrepreneurial group has discovered a practical solution to address the lead contamination that has raised alarm in the city of Flint and across the United States — and it all started with reinforced hose.

As widely reported in the media, lead leaching from pipes in Flint’s water system has as much as doubled blood levels of the neurotoxin among children in parts of the city. Norman Martucci, mechanical engineer, inventor and manufacturer of a patented reinforced hose used to carry fuel in automotive, marine, and aerospace applications, sat down with Ken Kohn, Steven Kohn, and duo Cathleen Francois and John Carlos to initially discuss the procurement of a future manufacturing plant. As the conversation leaned toward the process and materials of the newly improved hose, the conversation led to the development of a lined pipe that can eliminate any toxic leaching in a water system.More