Centre for Sustainability and Excellence Welcomes Rosalinda Sanquiche To Management Team

centre-for-sustainability-and-excellence-logoRosalinda Sanquiche comes after having served as Executive Director of Ethical Markets Media. She brings over twenty years in sustainability covering such diverse fields as renewable energy, women’s health, land preservation and development (see bio), and for the past nine years, economics and finance. Her breadth of knowledge serves well for CSE’s large client base ranging from banking to energy, pharmaceuticals, technology and many within the Fortune 500. She cut her teeth on systems thinking with renowned sustainability pioneer Hazel Henderson, making Rosalinda an incredible asset to our consulting in this world of increasing globalization and diversification.

“Doing sustainability right,” says Rosalinda, “is a priority for CSE and should be a top focus for all organizations globally – corporate and non-profit. I’m here to answer questions, provide support and share some hard-earned insight. I’m passionate about sustainability, and CSE’s mission to educate 100,000 sustainability professionals worldwide by 2020!”More