Schuette: Science, Technology and Common Sense Should Drive the Timeline for Closure of Line 5

Following a review of the Dynamic Risk Line 5 Alternatives Analysis, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today stressed the need for a comprehensive plan based on science, available technology and common sense to drive the timeline for the closure of the Line 5 petroleum pipeline that currently runs under the Straits of Mackinac.
“The safety and security of our Great Lakes is etched in the DNA of every Michigan resident, and the final decision on Line 5 needs to include a discussion with those that rely on propane for heating their homes, and depend on the pipeline for employment,” said Schuette. “One thing is certain: the next steps we take should be for the long term protection of the Great Lakes.”
To ensure the safety and protection of the Great Lakes, Schuette named five important takeaways from the alternatives analysis.