Walsh College Premier Fundraiser Creates New Opportunities

 Walsh College held their first annual Spring Soirée at the Royal Oak Farmers Market on Friday night in support of the Walsh College Scholarship Fund.  The event was a chance for students and faculty to mingle while sampling food from local food trucks and craft beers from various local companies, including the Royal Oak Brewery, Brooks Brewing, Fillmore 13 Brewery, Sherwood Brewing Company, and Draught Horse Brewery; wine tasting from the private collections of Van Conway and Bob Cummings, food trucks Hero or Villain, the Salt & Sugar Company, Chef in a Box, and Eskimo Jack’s served their most popular dishes.  It also meant that students were able to see their professors as more than just the person who had assigned them all that reading and homework and for the professors to see their students in a much more laid-back environment while providing funds for future students.More