ParjanaA team of Detroit nonprofits and businesses began work to launch an initiative focused on tackling Detroit’s storm water management. The project is designed to build upon revitalization efforts across the 300-block area surrounding Detroit’s Central High School while creating jobs for local residents.

In partnership with the Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL) at Central High School, the project will create sustainable jobs while addressing urban storm water issues. As the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) is launching a Green Infrastructure Credit Program for customers who reduce the peak flow and volume of storm water runoff on their property, this effort will help create a local workforce to support the adoption of storm water strategies.

Phase I will deploy a storm water management solution at the Central High School softball field that will improve field usability and safety. The ultimate objective is to expand the use of sustainable development at the school and in the surrounding neighborhood as a model for how a community can implement green infrastructure solutions that create local jobs and save money for property owners.More