A Message From our Board Chair

Dear DWEJ Supporter,

There is stress in the air these days, as you know, from D.C. to downriver to our office here on Woodward in Midtown. The political and funding environment has changed. DWEJ has been working for several years to enhance life in the city of Detroit and the region. And we are at a crossroads now.

We ask your help — today — to invest in the vital work of making a more resilient, stronger, healthier city. Your gift will go a long way toward making sure this comes true!
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2017 Workforce Program Graduates Anetha Walker and Carla King, both of whom found full-time employment immediately
The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation recognizes the critical nature of these times, particularly for the most vulnerable among us. They will match every dollar you donate today with a $2 contribution. Your support is invaluable, now more than ever.

As a volunteer with DWEJ and an ally to those working hard on the ground, I deeply appreciate your awareness of the critical nature of NOW. Your contribution today has triple its impact. With your help, DWEJ’s voice and actions will continue to turn the dreams of this city and its people into realities. I know I am digging deep to offer support today. Please join me.
Turn $10 into $30, or $100 into $300. Today. You are the difference! Thank you.

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Yours truly,
Maureen Martin
Board Chair