Michigan’s VegFest: Vegan Tastefest & Expo is NOT just for Vegans, it’s for EVERYONE

Full disclosure: I am not a vegan, vegetarian, Democrat, Republican, liberal, or conservative, I am self-made nutrition expert promoting my brand, HealthGuruJim, and I’ve enjoyed attending the VegFest ever since it’s humble beginnings at Ferndale high school. It was too small to attract big name speakers, and wasn’t nearly so crowded; one could easily eat thousands of delicious calories from incredible free samples in the basement area. The lines were short, it was a bike ride or short drive—with free parking—for most patrons and, because of its size, it promoted a comfortable atmosphere of healthy eaters, more like a “secret club” than a huge expo. 

As happy as I am to see VegFest become as successful as it has, I can’t help but miss the intimacy of his humble beginning. I’ve become accustomed, in my role as a reporter, to write about fantastic under-attended events, but this is one case where popularity has almost become a problem.More