With The Roof Halfway Covered, Zaman International Continues Services and Financial Outreach

Zaman International Hope for Humanity is a non-profit organization which provides assistance to the most vulnerable women and children experiencing poverty in Southeast Michigan by providing essential services to stabilize families with a monthly supply of food and household items, as well as workforce development training to break the cycle of generational poverty.

All of these services are provided right now, under a leaking roof, in a welcoming space, at the 40,500-square-foot Hope for Humanity Center in Inkster, Michigan. Last year, Zaman International moved into the Hope for Humanity Center, which includes a food pantry, good deeds store, furniture warehouse, and classrooms for the literacy and workforce development programs–and, now, during the Spring season, the deficiencies in the roof have become more than evident. Detroit’s local Channel 4 news covered the roof campaign last Friday and again a couple of days ago, so you may have seen the video of the leaking in the food pantryMore