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Contact: Birgit Keil - www.birgitkeil.com
Phone: 248-425-8576

Email: justbeacartoon@gmail.com
Website: www.justbeacartoon.com

Just Bea Cartoon Just Bea Cartoon Just Bea Cartoon Just Bea Cartoon


Birgit GreenBeer_NOclick

Company’s Description

Welcome to Michigan’s first Eco Comic strip. In hopes of capturing the imagination of a new audience concerned with nurturing and protecting what is most important to us, our environment, I’ve created “Just Bea”.  This strip brings awareness to environmental issues in a fun way as Bea and those around her try to make a difference for others and for the planet. I hope this strip inspires others to do the same.

As a kid I loved to draw. Later in my life I moved on to being an associate creative director at one of the largest advertising agencies in the country. But I never let go of my first love of drawing.  I kept at it while designing and writing for major greeting card companies as well as doing pro-bono work for many charities including the Michigan Humane Society, Aids Interfaith Network, and the National Statue of Liberty foundation.

Now I spend my days creating in my cozy home studio with my two Scottish Terriers Angus and Piper at my heels for support.

I hope you have as much fun with “Just Bea” as I do.

Happy New Year

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Over 25 years experience in creating and directing national and regional advertising and marketing. Leading, strategizing and supervising from concept to completion.

  • Birgit Keil also has another website www.birgitkeil.com where her objective is to manage and create imaginative, well targeted advertising concepts and customer relationship marketing, and have fun!


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