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461 Burroughs
Detroit, MI 48202

Contact: Jim Saber
Phone: 313-833-0100


NextEnergy’s Social Mission

Our staff is passionately committed to the acceleration of advanced energy technologies which reduce our dependance on fossil fuels, diversify our economy, and strengthen our environment.

About NextEnergy

Energy drives America. We need it for transportation, for manufacturing and business, for our homes and offices. It fuels our economy and lifestyles today, and holds the key to our aspirations for the future, powering the next generation of American innovation and research.

Increasing energy demands, tightening supplies, and environmental concerns have increased the focus on alternative ways to generate and use it.

Who They Are

Launched in 2002, NextEnergy is already one of the nation’s leading research catalysts and business accelerators for alternative and renewable energy. Our leadership team offers more than a hundred years of experience working with utilities, alternative fuels, hybrid power trains, business development, venture capital investment and more in the alternative energy industry.

Located in Detroit, we are within an hour of more than a dozen major research universities, and in the heartland of America’s transportation, technology, and manufacturing industries. Fostering dynamic research and innovation, we combine this intellectual capital with Michigan’s legendary manufacturing prowess and entrepreneurial ingenuity to help generate new technologies, viable businesses, solid growth, and industry leadership.

What They Do

NextEnergy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to become one of the nation’s leading catalysts for alternative and renewable energy. By bringing promising technologies to maturity and up to scale in the marketplace, we accelerate the impact and profitability of this increasingly important industry.

Already we are managing millions of dollars of research projects. Already we are developing new technologies for power-generation, transportation and fuels. Already we are launching them into your world.

Never has the opportunity been better for alternative and renewable energy to succeed. Never have consumers, industry and government been more open to them. Never have the economics and the marketplace been a stronger force to advance them.

Whoever you are in the alternative energy field, we have the keys to advance your project or to connect you to the resources you need to help you succeed.

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