Dr. Pamela Popper ‘Pops In’ To Speak To Metro-Detroiters PBNSG About Health

There’s a welcoming sense of security in the beginning of each Plant Based Nutrition Support Group Meeting. 

The attendees will find healthy treats to sample, experts to talk to, often the speaker is present at the table that may contain their wares or to personally autograph books and to meet and greet their followers, and the organizations friendly volunteers are there to escort you into the auditorium. 

Paul Chatlin, Founder of the organization starts the evening right with acknowledgements to the group, and at least 2 prepared jokes. And they’re funny. He’s funny. He may be passionate about his mission and caring about his over 4,000 members, but he is there to make you smile. And you will.

This time, the audience also got new quips from always present advocate and nationally known, Dr. Joel Kahn,  whose talk this time left a bit of blushing on the faces of the crowd.More