ask_dr_nandi_dark_transparent-300x132The summer has ended, autumn has taken over and winter is looming, many people suffer from a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.  SAD is related to the changes in the seasons.  Research has found that it begins and ends at roughly the same times every year.  Many people who suffer with season affective disorder find their symptoms start int he fall and continue and at times worsen through the winter months.  SAD may lower your energy and many people find they become moody.  Rarely does SAD cause depression as we change into the spring or early summer.  Roughly 2 to 3% of North Americans will experience SAD in their lifetime.  Research has found that up to 15% will suffer a milder form of SAD that leaves them slightly depressed but still able to live life without an major disruptions.  SAD makes up nearly 10% of all depression cases.More