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2017 North American International Auto Show


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Never before have we seen such a convergence of technologies as the automotive industry is currently experiencing. This paradigm shift is being driven by the next generation workforce; a workforce composed of aspiring engineers, artists and app designers. It is crucial for Michigan’s industry to embrace and capitalize on all of the recent changes in automotive skills that have never before been realized. In today’s day and age, technology has been allowed a new creative platform that has upgraded transportation into something not conceived in the past. Vehicles have become a space for entertainment and communication, adding to the classic self-expression that personal mobility has always provided. The concept of autonomous vehicles will soon be a reality that people can depend upon in a way that is safe, and convenient for all. Now is the time to embrace these new dynamics and showcase the pioneers of these new innovations. Our goal is to highlight the amazing young leadership talent in Southeast Michigan who are engaged in the current automotive industry, local universities, in order to complete the points below.

The points of the NAIAS campaign are as follows:
• To engage millennial interest and increase their attendance at the NAIAS
• To create awareness and interest in hybrid vehicle as well as autonomous vehicle technology
• To drive the nation toward more sustainable and ecological transportation
• To promote Michigan once again as a leader in cutting edge technology and innovation in the automotive industry
• To keep students engaged in the automotive fields
• To retain graduates in the state as a needed, strong, and viable workforce
• To highlight new transport technology through Social Media’s latest ‘Live Innovations’, directed at the newest generation of drivers
• Continued excitement through a public entertainment event geared toward their generation and interests
• To diversify the component outreach with translations in Mandarin, Spanish, German, Arabic and Italian languages
• To collaborate with NAIAS for the next phases of their needs and desires to improve the shows mission and attendance

Jason Best
Jill Dougherty
Katherine Robertson
Alan Xia

Douglas Elbinger, Alyssa Hart, Writers/Photographers
Dan Stickradt, Robert Mattler, Writers
Christopher Lester, Lead Web Design,

John Carlos, Founder
Cathleen Francois, Executive Director
Contact and Campaign Design/Concept: Cathleen Francois
Direct: 248-818-4252

Thought-Leader in Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Education

Katherine Robertson
Katherine Robertson

Katherine Robertson is an internationally known, award winning peaker and thought-leader. In her current role as Executive Vice President of Training for Mobile Comply, and an active member of the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan, (MTAM). Katherine guides the company by leading her team to create certification and training programs for distinguished brands in connectivity such as SAE International and the Connected Vehicle Trade Association. Katherine believes that education is the engine to creating smarter, consummately prepared companies and the future Connected and Autonomous Vehicle workforce.

Katherine’s passion for speaking and learning is infectious and has influenced how thousands of people view the world of Intelligent Transportation. Her talent for teaching complicated technical concepts to all levels of society allows her to help people and organizations take advantage of the paradigm shift revolutionizing vehicles today. She passionately advocates the power of connectivity to improve the way transportation is viewed.

Katherine Robertson
Katherine Robertson

Katherine speaks internationally to businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies about Connected Vehicles as the new key to transforming the global economy. Among her many accomplishments, Katherine has been recognized with the prestigious Information Week Elite 100 Under 30 “Pearl” Award and as a Corp! Magazine Most Valuable Millennial.




Built For Global Success

Alan Xia
Alan Xia

Alan Xia is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering dual degree and Automotive Specialty student wrapping up his last year at Kettering University. He currently serves on the leadership team of the Kettering Entrepreneur Society, is the president of Kettering’s ASME Chapter, is an active University Innovation Fellow, and is a co-founder of the Kettering University – Builder’s and Innovator’s Network (Kettering-bin). In addition, he has also served multiple leadership positions on campus, including president of Eta Kappa Nu, vice president of Tau Beta Pi, Kettering Student Senate’s Junior, then Senior representative, RSA president, and has held other leadership roles on campus and in the community. Alan has helped lead multiple initiatives, including Open Lab Days, Speed Interviewing, Bob Lutz’s Kettering talk on leadership, to name a few. He was also invited to present Open Lab Days to other schools across the country to implement. In addition, he has been a part of initiatives such as designing a STEM program for Flint’s school district, the Kettering Mobile App, and others. Alan currently is a co-op student at Ford Motor Company, where he has rotations in Chassis, Manufacturing, and currently Research and Advanced Engineering.

Alan Xia
Alan Xia

In addition he has held co-op positions at Shandong Linglong Tyre Corporation and General Motors Powertrain. Alan has been passionate about engineering, automobiles, and technology since he was young, constantly learning and trying new things. In addition, he loves to explore new places. Alan has traveled through China
and has also studied abroad in Germany.



Future Leader of Mechanical Design

Jason Best
Jason Best

Jason Best was born January 10th 1992 at Andrews Air force Base approximately 10 miles from the White house whose
mother retired from the United States Army a full bird Colonel. They were moved from Maryland, to Kansas, California,
Colorado, Pennsylvania, back to Colorado and finally Georgia averaging a 2 year stay at each duty station. Jason graduated in Evans Georgia at Greenbrier High school, spending four years in marching band, and became the track team captain. He currently attends College at Kettering University, and was awarded a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering Summer 2016 and will be Awarded Masters in Mechanical Design Summer 2017. Jason was Clean Snowmobile Society of Automotive engineering captain. During Undergrad Co-Op work, he was tasked with development working on the current generation Corvette Engine for General Motors. Afterward, Jason worked at Edelbrock LLC in Supercharger Design and is currently working in Additive Manufacturing at Linear Mold in Quality.

Jason Best
Jason Best

He is currently researching adaptive suspension and autonomous vehicle control under Dr. Diane Peters at Kettering University. His passions include currently restoring his 1990 Nissan GTR R32 and BMW 530 Touring automobiles, riding motorcycles, rock climbing, and cooking.




Leader in Innovative Development – Art & Design Concept

Jill Dougherty
Jill Dougherty

Jill Dougherty is a 20 year old in her third year at the College For Creative Studies. Her field of study is automotive design with a focus on exterior. She was born in San Diego California in 1996. Being the daughter of a marine she moved around every three years of her childhood. She moved from California to Nevada, to Hawaii, to Arizona, to currently Michigan. She graduated from Troy Athens high school in 2014. She was varsity lacrosse captain and focused on academics with the hobby of art and a love for cars.

With the battle between engineering and design, she chose her creative side. She views design as a way to improve the world by making vehicles more functional, interactive, and aesthetic.

Her personal motive is to make automobiles more appealing, dramatic, emotional, and complementary to their user. Her sophomore summer she interned with Lear Corporation as a design intern.

Jill Dougherty
Jill Dougherty

She is currently partaking in her junior year sponsored exterior studio. She is a designer, artist, snowboarder, music fanatic, and a car enthusiast currently working on her project Nissan Z32.



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