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North American International Auto Show

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Doug Elbinger
By Douglas Elbinger, Energy Systems Analyst, Newman Consulting Group

As automakers envision the future, it’s increasingly more high voltage than high octane. Beyond all the dazzling displays of the worlds’ finest automobiles at the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), I came away with the distinct impression that electric and autonomous vehicles are going to be with us sooner than you think. The promise of an electric and autonomous future was a dominant theme this year at the NAIAS. The high-tech companies participating in the auto show, focused on achievements that will propel electric and self-driving vehicles into your driveways and parking lots. As of today, electric vehicles (EV), in the United States comprise less than 1% of the market, but are expected to reach 20% by 2022.

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been to the Auto Show in a few years. Okay, maybe over a decade. Like any child growing up in the environs of the Motor City, the Auto Show was the social event of the season. We’d drive downtown, park in a far-flung surface parking lot where men bundled in heavy coats against the Midwestern January cold waved us to the right spot with brightly colored flags, and take the crowded People Mover between the skyscrapers to our destination. Cobo Hall was vast, bigger than any place I had ever been, full of people, fried food, and of course – cars – ones where I was allowed to hop in the driver’s seat and full of that glorious new car smell. (more…)

NAIAS is getting ready to welcome the world. And so is Detroit.

The city was named one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet, one of the world’s largest travel guidebook publishers. Detroit was the only continental U.S. city selected for the list.(more…)

Industry Preview will feature a powerful lineup of industry leaders and visionaries digging deep into the auto ecosystem – looking at everything from suppliers driving mobility technology to V2I connectivity to urban mobility.  All this and more is on tap at AutoMobili-D during Industry Preview, Jan. 17 – 18.(more…)

Detroit’s giving spirit will shine brightly again on Friday, Jan. 19 as thousands attend Charity Preview, the largest annual single-night fundraiser in the world. Since 1976, Charity Preview has raised more than $112 million for southeastern Michigan children’s charities, over $41 million of which was raised in the last 10 years alone.(more…)

Attendees can connect with experts, hear about skills needed as fields evolve

The North American International Auto Show is a global showcase for the world’s top vehicles – but also displays the talent and skills of the people who design and build the top models.

And while crowds are getting a closer look at the newest cars and trucks, people interested in working in the automotive and mobility sectors will have access to experts to learn about careers and the kind of training needed to gain in-demand skills at the auto show’s Future Automotive Career Exposition.(more…)

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) announced today that through its strategic partnership with Techstars Mobility, 57 startups from around the world will participate and showcase their mobility technologies as part of AutoMobili-D.(more…)

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) today wrapped up two weeks of welcoming brand-defining products, emerging mobility technologies, top government officials – including then-Vice President Joe Biden – and leading auto and tech thinkers, in addition to greeting over 800,000 car enthusiasts who came to see the exciting technology-laden products driving the industry’s transformation.
The show closed tonight with a strong finish of 98,125 attendees, bringing total ticketed attendance for 2017 NAIAS to 806,554.(more…)

The Atrium Stage at Cobo Hall gained attention at noon on Education Day at the North American International Auto Show as’s Transport Innovation Team revealed their 2017 Innovation Awards. 

The four awards — Planet Guardians, Workforce Warriors, Best Dressed, and Leader of the Pack, were presented to corporations Inventev, Ford Motor Company, Nissan, and Wind River respectively by Jason Best and Jill Dougherty of the TIP Team, a squad of exceptional young talent found in Metro Detroit.

These one-of-a-kind awards were designed by Founder John Carlos and Executive Director Cathleen Francois with ReclaimDetroit, a division of Detroit Non-Profit EcoWorks, to be a representation of what the award stands for: an expression of the regions history, sustainability, and innovative thought. Reclaimed from the Firehouse across from Cobo Hall, the over 500 year old wood was used as the base of the award. The Firehouse is presently being renovated into the Foundation Hotel, (…)

GreeningDetroit, in collaboration with sponsors, NAIAS, and ReclaimDetroit, a division of Detroit Non-Profit EcoWorks, will be presenting the inaugural TIP Team (Transport Innovation Patrol) Awards as part of the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) on its Education Day, Jan.18th at COBO Hall at 12:00 p.m. on the Atrium Stage.

The four awards — Workforce, Best Dressed, Leader of the Pack and Planet Guardians — will be presented to corporations by the four millennial members of’s TIP Team (Alan Xia, Jill Dougherty, Katherine Robertson and Jason Best) for their innovative new technologies in this ever-evolving and fast-changing industry.

The TIP Team concept was created to drive more ‘Millennials’, the generation generally considered between the ages of 18 to 30, to NAIAS and other related events in the region, as their generation will be the group that will help revitalize and innovate the city of Detroit — as well as continue the direction and trends of the automobile, technology and other innovative industries here in Metro Detroit and abroad.

The 14x11x2.5 stand-alone awards are artfully crafted with reclaimed wood salvaged by ReclaimDetroit from Detroit’s oldest Fire Department House, located across from COBO Hall at 250 West Larned St., in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit Fire Department Headquarters occupied the facilities for close to 175 years (1840-2013).
The site is currently being renovated and converted by developer Walter Cohen and the Aparium Hotel Group into a boutique hotel, one of the many historic facilities being rebirthed in downtown Detroit.(more…)

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) announced today that attendance for the kickoff to Public Show was 109,643, an increase of over 2,000 people from the previous year.(more…)

Detroit’s celebration as the epicenter of all things automotive, including the heart of the automotive industry, was again demonstrated tonight as nearly $5.2 million was raised for children’s charities at the 2017 North American International Auto Show’s (NAIAS) Charity Preview at Cobo Center.(more…)

Tens of thousands of auto and tech industry executives, designers and analysts kept the product buzz and mobility conversation going today at Industry Preview as they examined products and technologies that will drive the industry’s transformation.(more…)

Day Three of NAIAS Press Preview underscores that the future of the industry resides in Detroit, the epicenter of all things automotive. The day was highlighted by news from an increasingly active automotive supplier community and companies that are focused on providing a roadmap to the future.  It was the culmination of two powerful days before that featured innovative mobility platforms, products and technologies that are redefining the automotive landscape.(more…)

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt electric car, Honda Ridgeline pickup and Chrysler Pacifica minivan were named 2017 North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year, respectively, Monday.
The announcement was made at the North American International Auto Show Monday in Detroit.(more…)

NAIAS kicked off opening day at the inaugural AutoMobili-D, featuring everything from the fantasy of Hollywood animation to the reality of the emerging mobility space.(more…)

Honoring the best production and concept vehicles making their worldwide auto show debut in Detroit, the EyesOn Design Awards will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 4 p.m. in the Cobo Center Atrium. Media and the public are invited to attend the 11th annual awards presentation, the officially sanctioned design awards for NAIAS.(more…)

NAIAS will become a powerful teaching tool, immersing students of all ages – from pre-K to college level – into the world of vehicle technology, engineering and design at tomorrow’s NAIAS Education Day (Jan. 18) and Thursday’s Preschool Education Day (Jan. 19).(more…)

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) announced today it will livestream all events at AutoMobili-D, Jan. 8-12, offering worldwide access to industry-shaping, mobility-themed content from over 110 speakers representing 100 different companies.(more…)

At a meeting last August with North American International Auto Show Marketing Director, Max Muncey,’s Executive Director Cathleen Francois was asked to add another 3 young talents to their 2017 NAIAS campaign in order to highlight the latest vehicle technologies in personal transportation, urban transportation, and the innovation of connected and autonomous vehicles. Out of that conversation, came an intense search for the new Transport Innovation Patrol, (TIP) Team. “There’s never been anything done like this before for the show,” states Francois. “I’m amazed and impressed by these young experts. I couldn’t be prouder of who they are our new association.” 


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