Arts & Scraps

16135 Harper
Detroit, MI 48224

Contact: Angela Hart
Phone: (313)640-4411


Organization’s Description


Arts & Scraps uses recycled materials to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn.

Arts & Scraps recycles 28 tons of industrial scraps to help 275,000 children annually think, create and learn.  Programs at Arts & Scraps include a public store, 6 interactive stations for adults and children together to play, learn and make stuff; open T, Th 11-6, S 11-4.  Custom group field trips and birthday include shopping.  In Metro Detroit, customized workshops for all ages using recycled materials for hands-on learning can feature the ScrapMobile, a 26’ bus, for shopping.  Family activities at public and private events involve all ages.  Products include individual and group learning packs, publications and a DVD.  There are volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, corporate and youth groups.

Bulk Shopping
– Schools and nonprofits fill a bag for $6; bag for individuals, families and for profit is $7
– Half bags are available
– Stuff a bag–over 300 items
– Staff is available for help with project ideas
– Everything rotates; get all you need in one visit–it may not be there next time!
– Groups contact us or call 313-640-4411 x 4 for off-hours shopping trips

Fabric Heaven
– An 11′ x 11′ room of rotating fabric–tapestries, cottons, retro and much more
– New fabrics added from individuals, designers and the store Express
– Love fabric?  This room is maintained by volunteers.  Get the good stuff first.

Scrap Junction
Open to the public Tues., Thurs. 11-6, Sat. 11-4, also included in field trip or birthday party.
For a 3 minute audio tour of Scrap Junction, visit the Detroit Public Radio (WDET)  STAR program to hear an interview w/Peg Upmeyer, Director.

Adults and children play, make stuff and learn together in 6 interactive stations.  Cost is $3 per person or get a Museum Adventure Pass from your library for 4 to visit free of charge.
Small parts are involved, so children should be old enough not to swallow them.  Depending on the age of the children, people usually stay anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 hours; some more, some less.  Come enjoy enjoy a delightful interactive afternoon with your children.

Inclined Plane Wall
Use wood pegs to mount gutter scraps, plumbing joints and a dryer vent to pegboard.  Create inclined planes and screws to roll tennis balls on paths.  You can race two paths or see if you can get enough speed to launch a ball going uphill. Learn about simple machines and variations of inclined planes. And much more…

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